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Real Estate

Bayleys Canterbury came to Glido with a very open brief to devise a campaign to recruit the very best real estate agents, and lead them to a dedicated campaign microsite that we designed and built in Webflow. As a starting point before devising the campaign, we mapped out a customer journey showing how we'd target real estate agents from competing firms with an online, out of home, and print awareness campaign, lead them to a microsite which compels them to download more information, then retarget them with more engaging content to keep Bayleys top of mind. Our strategy also included the all-important human touch of having real Bayleys people follow up our prospective new recruits with phone calls and face-to-face meetings, to turn leads into warm leads, and warm leads into new star players in the Bayleys team.

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Awards & Recognition

"The creative work from Glido is outstanding. They captured the sentiment of what we were saying in terms of brand and visuals perfectly and rolled it out to the ultimate campaign microsite, with outstanding results.“

Julie Goodman, Bayleys