Launching the invisible


How do you launch and tell the world about a revolutionary new technology that's completely invisible? That's the challenge Glido was faced with when our long-term American partner, Arclin, asked us to help them name, brand, and launch Arclync in time for its first appearance at North America's largest woodworking conference, in Atlanta. Arclync products protect various types of wood panels to give them extraordinarily strong and durable protection against everything life can throw them. We decided to show this element of protection – and the layered nature of the technology – by crafting a series of hyper-realistic renders that clearly show, rather than try to tell, what Arclync does and how it works.

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Awards & Recognition

"The Glido team is unrivalled in its craft, care, understanding of complex technical products, and attention-to-detail in delivery."

David Smith, Arclin